DauT wins Red Bull Wololo3!

Last night the final of the glorious Red Bull Wololo3 was played between DauT and Liereyy. DauT prevailed 4-3 in an exciting Best of 7, which was on a knife edge until the last minute.
Let's start from the beginning. DauT and his teammates Nili, Slam and JorDan had to fight their way through the qualifiers for the tournament. DauT was convincing from the beginning and qualified in the first qualifier with 4-1 against dogao. His three other teammates unfortunately failed in both qualifiers, losing several times in the finals. 
In the group stage now TaToH, TheViper and DauT competed for us. Whereby the latter started in the same group. TheViper qualified quickly and confidently for the quarterfinals with a 2-0 over MbL and a 2-0 over Capoch. TaToH shined in the first match with a 2-0 over ACCM, but lost the Winner's Match against Liereyy 0-2 and had to play ACCM again in the decider. A very close match unfortunately slipped away from TaToH and ended 1-3 for ACCM. TaToH was eliminated accordingly.
DauT started his first match unfocused and lost 1-2 against Capoch and then met MbL. A strong performance by DauT (2-0) booked him a place in the quarterfinals.
In the quarterfinals, both our boys had to play against unpleasant opponents. DauT faced the winner of Wololo1, Mr_Yo, while TheViper had to play Villese. DauT showed a new form high and surprised the Age of Empires community with his playing style and last but not least Mr_Yo, who had to admit defeat with 1-3. TheViper also lost against Villese, after a difficult game that went back and forth, a small mistake in the last game cost TheViper the best of 5. So only DauT was left in the race for the title of Wololo3 Champion!
In the semifinals, DauT met ACCM, who had eliminated TaToH in the group stage. DauT, eager for revenge, once again showed tactical brilliance and adaptability to read his opponent. A very one-sided semifinal went 3-1 won for DauT and the title of champion came within reach. The second semi-final was won just as clearly by Liereyy 3-1 against Villese. This meant that last year's Wololo2 winner faced DauT in the final.
A thrilling final was inevitable, DauT took an early lead with a 2-1 after three cards. Liereyy equalized and was at 3-2, match and tournament point. DauT's body was up against the wall, and he really got going when he first sent in turtle ships with the Koreans, and then went for the unusual cavalry archers. Liereyy had a hard time countering this wild composition, but held them off long enough for DauT to pull his last trump card. He swept over Liereyy with his elite war wagons and secured the 3rd point. So, in a thrilling, breathtaking final, it came down to the last game of the evening. 
In the last game, DauT risked everything by playing a very risky opening and going straight for plum archers with his Mayans. Liereyy tried to put his opponent under pressure early on, but DauT's unusual tactics worked and surprised Liereyy. The latter was cornered and tried to counter the archers by cavalry. But DauT was again a second faster and was already preparing to switch to eagle warriors. When they entered the battlefield, the game was almost won, the casters T90 and Dave were already talking about the victory. Liereyy tried for minutes to stave off defeat, but DauT was on the march and secured the last victory in the game and thus the tournament title.
A years-long drought came to an end and DauT was finally crowned champion again. An incredible will to win, tactical brilliance paired with experience set the sails for victory. In the interview after the victory DauT showed himself very happy and combative. We congratulate again for this effort!
DauT is the champion of Red Bull Wololo3!

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