Third best team of the Prime League.

Reaching third place in the Prime League Finals marks the end of a successful season for our GamerLegion League of Legends team.

On the 23rd of October our well established League of Legends team already met the reigning Prime League Champion Mousesports in the last game of the Winners-Bracket and gave the favoured team a brave fight for an early entry into the final.

But already in the first game of this Best of Five match it was clear that we had gotten up on the wrong foot. Without Heimerdinger, who was banned by Mouz as the first champion in every game, we were relatively defenceless in the first game.

After we clearly lost the first game, Jochem ‚Rabble‘ van Graafeiland took the First Blood on the top lane in the second, thus initiating a completely insane killing spree. A few dozen kills later, after Mouz grabbed the baron we also had to give up this match. Game number three went – like the entry into the final – to the traditional team Mousesports, since they had a clear gold lead. We had to go to the Losers-Bracket.

There, FC Schalke 04 Evolution was waiting for us; the team had earned the chance to play against us with a 3:1 victory over Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition, after we had sent them to the Losers-Bracket in the first round of the finals ourselves.

This means that we are bidding farewell to the season for this year winning a third place in the 2020 Prime League Finals. So by a consistently strong performance of our players after the Prime Leagues Summer 2020 and Winter 2020, the third third place of the season and the 12,000 Euro prize money associated with it were earned.
The highlight of this strong season overall, which is thus coming to an end, was certainly winning the runner-up title of the European Masters Summer 2020.

A big thanks to the real champions, our players:

Phones Christian Sieg Top
Rabble Jochem van Graafeiland Jungle
Nite Ardian Spahiu Mid
Hjarnan Petter Freyschuss ADC
Visdom Benjamin Ruberg Larsen Support
Nice Guy Ben Ben-Luca Nordgerling Sub

and our League of Legends coach Markus „DeliveryPanda“ Appelhoff and assistant coach Ben-Luca "Nice Guy Ben" Nordgerling. Further thanks goes to our analyst ChaosDAD.

Thank you for this great season, we are looking forward to everything that will come.

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