A new star.

Dobbo is a 17-year-old British talent who will grow into a seasoned professional player with us. He had only recently moved to KPI, but quickly qualified for higher roles and joined our team. Since he played his last game in La Copa 2020 on October 6th, he is well-rehearsed. Even though Dobbo was the strongest player of his team in this 2-0 defeat against Heretics, one should not expect miracles from him in his first games in the ESEA Premier Division - Europe. His playing skills are still developing and he might have to learn a great deal.

The commitment to such a developable player underlines the long-term plan we are pursuing with our CounterStrike team.

In the interview Dobbo says the following about his transfer:

Welcome in our ranks Dobbo. Have you been well received by the team?

„I have felt extremely welcomed and comfortable already they have been really supportive so far!“

How would you describe yourself as a person and a CS:GO player?

„As a person, i would describe myself as really positive, funny and nice guy to be around, best way to be when playing cs competitively, and as a player i am really selfless and willing to do anything and everything to win, no matter the situation.“

What are your hopes for the future and why did you decide to join GamerLegion?

„For the future, my hopes are really high playing with these experienced players that have been around the top tiers of cs for a long time, especially with Adam, someone i have previously teamed with and enjoyed cs with the most. Joining GamerLegion was a no brainer for me, i was in KPI at the time and we were still pretty new but improving at a slower rate, with lots of ups and downs.
When the GamerLegion offer came, it opened up a larger amount of opportunities and experience for myself both as a player and as a person so it was an easy decision to make.“

What are your goals with Gamerlegion? What are your personal goals?

„As for goals with GamerLegion, i am hoping to break into the top 40/30 rankings and to keep going as far as possible, always wanting more and more. As for personal goals, i want to prove myself at this level and grow as both as a person and player over the time in the team, and hopefully become the best player that i can be.“

A statement to the fans?

„I don‘t think anyone expected me to join GL but I‘m here to prove everyone wrong.“

We wish you to achieve your goal. Welcome Dobbo!

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