Finally Winning Again!

After qualifying for the Flashe Super Slam by winning the last qualification tournament on 12.12.2020, our CS:GO team finally managed to reward themselves for their performances over the last few months and secure the desired title.
It‘s December and after a tough year our CS:GO team saw the chance to finally reward themselves with a title. Unfortunately, this tournament started like GamerLegion games start far too often– with a 0:1 loss. We lost the first map Mirage far to easily to the Swedish team Aura, our first opponent.
But giving up and going home as losers was not an option for Adam9130 and our team. Due to our mental superiority, we won map two and map three and sent Aura home instead of us. The entry into the second round was secured.
In round 2, we finished off the second Swedish team with a clear 2:0 win on Mirage and Overpass – Deportivo could also pack their bags early and start the Christmas party early.
In the final of the Flashe Super Slam, the Polish Pompa team was waiting for our victorious E-Athletes. It was one of our strongest opponents in this tournament. Again we had to give away the first map Vertigo, but through a renewed effort by Zero, RuStY and the boys we were able to dominate the opponent on our favourite map Overpass. Then on the deciding map Mirage, we decided some close duels and put the most beautiful present under the tree ourselves by winning the title in the Flashe Super Slam we had longed for.
The tournament victory and the prize money of 6,000 euros create a conciliatory end to the year 2020 for our CS:GO team. A success and a performance that our team will certainly build on next year.

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