EU Masters: Building on the success of the first week

We start from a very good position into the second week of the EU Masters. We were able to defeat both YDN Gamers from Italy and BT Excel from UK. Only against the so far unbeaten champion from France - GamersOrigin - we were left behind and will take revenge this week on Thursday.

Especially the win against YDN Gamers showed the potential of our team and also Germany's biggest community site and broadcaster, Summoners Inn, saw it the same way. Their quote: "GamerLegion with a spectacle to start with". This is exactly how we want to convince in the second week and get into the playoffs of the EU Masters.

Then we would like to present such a dominant victory to you again:

Important: This time we will not play on three different days, but all three matches in our group will be played on Thursday, 30.04.2020:

18.00h: BT Excel
20:00: YDN Gamers
23.00h: GamersOrigin

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