GamerLegion three, others zero.

In Group C, which was considered the closest group in advance, our veteran player Daut met Nicov and clearly beat the current best Argentine 3-0.
After a clear defeat in game number one, Nicov tried to surprise Daut with a Hoang-Rush. With the first tower on Daut‘s berries in minute 10 Nicov(Celts) did everything to checkmate Daut(Franconia) early.
Daut got under so much pressure that he had to idle his Town Center for a short time to be able to produce a sufficient number of scouts. With this effort he could fend off Nicov‘s tower builders and accompanying units.

As a result, a confusing trial of strength ensued, in which the fighting advantage changed several times and neither side curbed their aggressions even for a moment in order to save their own villagers. A few battles later, Nicov was many village centres ahead, but found it difficult to offset Dauts villager advantage. Therefore Daut was able to prevail in this battle of attrition in the long run.

This match, commented by our AoE player Nili, can be watched here:

In game number three Daut closed the bag and has now the best chance to qualify for the final round by winning the Winners Match. In a few days he will meet Liereyy, who is expected to be the favourite.

TaToH had caught a difficult first opponent with Vivi and lost his first game, but was able to equalise in the second and even take the lead in the third. After the second equaliser TaToH won this fiercely fought Bo5 in group B 3:2.

Like Daut, TaToH will meet a player of team Tempo Storm in the winner‘s match. Against the strong Canadian Hera a thrilling encounter is guaranteed.

TheViper met the last remaining player from VietnamLegends in the tournament Bact. Like TaToH before, TheViper had to concede his first game in the early Imperial Age.
However, TheViper subsequently displayed a number of creative strategies to which Bact could not really find an answer. In the second game the Norwegian went all-in, playing full skirmishers and spearmen in the third and an endless wave of cavalry, with which he specifically picked out the enemy villagers without seeking confrontation with the opposing army, in the fourth.

So he turned this worth seeing Bo5 from a surprising 0:1 for Bact to a clear 3:1 victory.

The course of the week will determine, which player will advance to the quarter finals and finally to the last playoffs of the tournament. Until then, we revel in the conviction that one of our three musketeers will ultimately succeed in claiming the crown of the King of the Desert.

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