GamerLegion has a new team

GamerLegion has a new team!
Signing the best Age of Empires II DE team in the world was a lucky punch.

The former Team Secret joined us after short negotiations and will support us especially in the RTS area and with their large streams.
The team includes old established stars like Darko 'DauT' Dautovic and the current number 1 Ørjan 'TheViper' Larsen, who brings a large fan community with them.
An unfortunate second place in the last Battle of Africa 2 tournament, addresses mistakes and with the help of GamerLegion they would like to improve.

We would like to welcome them!

The Team:
Marco 'Jordan' Bloch
Ørjan 'TheViper' Larsen
Roberto 'TaToH' Corral Jiménez
Christopher 'slam' Gregson
Sven 'Nili' Reichardt
Darko 'DauT' Dautovic

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