Meanwhile in Age of Empires: TheViper = The Best.

A brief retrospective of the Double Cup to date and TheVipers performance in the completed Tournament Champions League 2020.

In the Age of Empires 2 Double Cup Marco „JorDan_23“ Bloch now has to prove himself in the Loser‘s Bracket. In this unusual scenario, which starts with several village centres, the German player is struggling to regain his place in the top league of AoE players after his return to professional tournaments. After two hard-fought 3:2 victories over the chilean Noisick and the vietnamese professional of the newly founded Infinity Legends Team Bact, JorDan_23 had to move into the Loser‘s Bracket after a 3:1 defeat against SalzZ in-game leader Vinchester.

You can watch the game, commented by GamerLegion player Sven „Nili_AoE“ Reichardt, here.

In the Loser‘s Bracket he managed to win 3:0 against Hoang „ACCM“ Huy. In the next round, JorDan_23 will meet Bact again in the Loser`s Semifinals. With a victory over the Vietnamese, the German could keep all chances for the tournament victory.

Already at the beginning of November our Age of Empires 2 DE superstar TheViper was able to silence all doubters and prove that he is still the No.1 in the world.
With a clear victory 6:3 in the final of the Tournament Champions League 2020 over Tempo Storms Austrian professional Liereyy, he once again showed his class and uncompared game overview.

Liereyy, who was still able to take the lead in the very balanced group of four in the group stage, fell 4:0 down early on, but could then hope to return after winning a game. After the 5:1, and two missed match points making it 5:3, TheViper made everything clear by destroying the enemy.

Hera, who hosted the tournament, came third, Mr.Yo had to settle for fourth place.

1. TheViper GamerLegion 4370 $
2. Liereyy Tempo Storm 3080 $
3. Hera Tempo Storm 1790 $
4. Mr.Yo - 1160 $

The tournament had started with the premise of determining once and for all who is the best Age of Empires 2 DE player. It should come as no surprise to all the loayal fans of the snake, that the answer was TheViper.

Tournament Champions League is to be held regularly in the future.

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