R6S: The Race To Challenger League

For the last 5 weeks our R6 team has been busy competing in the open qualifiers for the European tournament second only to the Pro League, The Challenger League. With the ending of the open qualifiers, we can unfold the past few weeks.

Needless to say, for those who followed us from the beginning, the team started from scratches. Our R6 coach MrOfficer put this team up with big expectations but obviously it took some time to find that alchemy between the players and to adapt their gameplay to MrOfficer guidance and viceversa.
On the third week of qualifier the team bloomed and finished placing third, that’s when we saw their great potential for the upcoming tournaments, beating teams “stronger on paper” despite being the current roster together for way less time than them.

The final rankings were uploaded this morning on Liquipidia, officially placing us 7th of the 16 slots to proceed to the playoffs.

A lot of hard work has to still be done but the team is driven and hungry to fight and last but not least, to prove themselves.

Playoffs are going to start on the 24th of February so, save the date and wait patiently!
We will keep you updated on our twitter page so make sure you follow us there and as always #GLWIN

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