TaToH freshly baked Age Royale Vice Champion

GamerLegion‘s Age of Empires player TaToH took a stunning second place in the $10,000 Age Royale launch tournament set in an unusual setting. TheViper was placed 5th, Nili_AoE took the eighth place.

In some bumpy, but still amusing games, played in the first edition of the Game Royale game mode, there was a series of exciting encounters that came through. The not always clear meta of the fresh game mode was unpredictable. Through this improvisation and the the game royale modes containing random elements, the casters were able to outwit the participating pro-gamers in many situations.

It remains to be seen, whether this undoubtedly entertaining game mode will find its place in the competitive Age of Empires 2 DE. However, if you crave a few hours of entertainment off the beaten track, you can easily find them in this mode and by watching the recording of the event.

The final table is as follows:

1. T90Official   2 700 $
2. TaToH GamerLegion 2 000 $
3. Nicov Aftermath 1 500 $
4. Nacho_AoE   1 250 $
5. TheViper GamerLegion 1 000 $
6. Lyx   625 $
  Mr_Yo   625 $
8. Nili_AoE GamerLegion 300 $
9. dogao Heresy  
10. Mario Ovalle    
11. Daut GamerLegion  
13. Hera Tempo Storm  
14. MembTV    
15. Debbie    
16. OGN_Empires    

Tristan „T90Official“ Berry, host and caster of the HiddenCup tournament series secured the 1st place in the end and the first tournament victory of an US-American in a major competition in the recent Age of Empires 2 history.

Both T90 and TheViper had already announced before the beginning of the tournament, that they would donate their winnings to charity.

T90 will be organising the $30,000 2v2 World Cup 2020, a team competition based not on teams but on nationalities. The tournament, which will take place from 9.11. to 20.12., will also feature numerous players of our team playing together with unfamiliar team members.

Until then.
Let‘s Go GamerLegion!

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