Four of our players representing GamerLegion in the Age Royale

Our players TheViper, Daut, TaToH and Nili_AoE will compete against a selection of top players and commentators in the launch event for the Age of Empires 2 DE Battle Royale mode on 31 October 15:00 GMT, 16:00 MEZ. They will of course try to bring the title to Berlin.

In the new Battle Royale mode, up to eight players will be thrown into a merciless fight for survival. The combatants engage in a fierce battle for the few resource buildings on an ever-shrinking map until only one remains on the battlefield as the victor.

The launch tournament will pit 16 players against each other in two group phases of four games each.
The top four players from both groups will qualify for the final tournament phase, the two-round final, and will share the €10,000 prize money according to the following breakdown:

1st = $2,700
2nd = $2,000
3rd = $1,500
4th = $1,250
5th = $1,000
6th = $750
7th = $500
8th = $300

TaToh and Daut will compete in group 1, Nili_AoE and TheViper in group 2.

The tournament can be followed in English from the perspectives of TheViper, Daut and Nili_AoE on their twitch channels. Our player TaToH streams the games in Spanish.

With Debbie‘s stream, a transmission in German is also available.

Let`s go GamerLegion!

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