2020 - A great year.

How was 2020 for GamerLegion? In short: success, success, success and a setback. Not enough information?
You can find some details in the following article.
The year 2020 in the GamerLegion calendar began with the start of the LoL PrimeLeague and our excellent
relaunch in this tournament. We had put together a powerful team and our roster would be more than up to
the challenge. With new premium partners and premium players we dared to make a big step forward in our development
as a professional organization.
On 21 January 2020, the in-house Rainbow Six: Siege team, which was actually still in the rehearsal phase after a coaching change, won the first title of the season. The title of Saturday League Season #2 Champions also brought along the first prize money of 2,500 Euros. On the 29th, the boys of our CS:GO team followed suit by winning the CMD368 Championship tournament. The undefeated title brought us fame and honour. By the way, the prize money of 12,000 Euros also made its way directly to Berlin.
After a strong first LoL season, we then secured our first third place of the year in March. Even though we only reached 9th place in these EU Masters (Spring 2020), in which we were just able to participate via the split, the qualification and participation were already a huge success for our boys. It was not to be the last of 2020.
A sad episode followed: Unfortunately, we were forced to let our Rainbow Six: Siege team go on 17 July, despite good performances.
In September, the former Tyrant or Team Secret Age of Empires 2 DE line-up joined us. With theViper, Daut, TaToh, Nili, Jordan and Slam, we welcomed an absolute all-star team that stands at the top of the world. These guys already proved their top claim several times during the few months in the GamerLegion jersey:
- 1st, Tournament Champions League 2020, 4,370$
- 2nd, 2VS2 Worldup 2020, 5,100$
- 5th, Age Royale, 1,000$
- 7th, King of the Desert 3, 2,000$
- 2nd Age Royale, 2,000$
- 3rd, 2VS2 Worldup 2020, 3,000$
- 10th, King of the Dessert 3, 750$
- 5th, King of the Desert 3, 2,000$
- 7th, 2VS2 Worldup 2020, 1,100$
- 8th, Age Royale, 300$
- 9th, 2VS2 Worldup 2020, 750$
- 9th, 2VS2 Worldup 2020, 750$
The list does neither include the big tournaments during the rest of 2020, nor smaller competitions or the many show matches with lavish prize money, which have developed a great tradition in the AoE scene over the years. Already on 16 January, TheViper and TaToH will dive into the big tournament world again in the Red Bull Wololo 3. Whether other GamerLegion players will take part will be decided in the qualifying tournaments on 2 and 3 January and 9 and 10 January respectively.
After the two strong third places in the Prime League, which made our team famous on the national level and brought us a total of 15,000 Euros in prize money, our LoL team managed to secure 2nd place in the EU Masters. Especially the way Markus „DeliveryPanda“ Appelhoff and the players managed to win was unique. The playful performance and the creative drafts made this winning streak, which was only broken in the final against AGO ROGUE, incomparable to anything we have seen from these unique players so far. Crowned with 25,000 Euros in prize money, this triumph made the 2nd place the win of the year.
The third place in the Prime League, which was endowed with 12,000 euros, was thus eclipsed. How much more one had hoped for here once again highlights the ambition and outstanding development of this line-up. 2020, a year in the fast lane for our LoL guys has come to an end and we are already looking forward to the bright future prospects of Christian „Phones“ Sieg, Jochem „Rabble“ van Graafeiland, Ardian „nite“ Spahiu, Petter „Hjarnan“ Freyschuss, and Benjamin „Visdom“ Ruberg Larsen.
Let‘s see what Ben-Luca „Nice Guy Ben“ Nordgerling, Josip „ChaosDAD“ Sokolić and last but not least Markus „DeliveryPanda“ Appelhoff have in their quiver for the upcoming year.
In December we made it much easier for you to improve in your favourite e-sports games: We updated the coaching section of our website, where you can find coaches from SemiPro to Pro and improve to ProGamer yourself under their guidance across all performance levels. Meanwhile our CS:GO team also reached its yearly high at the end of the season. With a clear victory in the Flashe Super Slam, the team ends the year 2020 with a title and strengthens the hope for future tournament successes and a successful year 2021.
Inspired by this victory, GamerLegion wishes you a successful 2021. We are confident that it will be an (even) better, more exciting and victorious year for us and you.

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