Eventful eSports Weekend: CS:GO in Charleroi; Good Performance in the Fortnite Qualifier

Our new CS:GO team was invited to participate in the LAN event Charleroi eSports in Belgium last weekend. Eight teams competed for a total prize money of 100,000 US dollars. Our start into the tournament was perfect. We were able to narrowly win against Virtus.pro with a score of 16-14. Epsilon eSports, who we had just defeated in a match the week before, was up next. Unfortunately, our team was not able to reach its full potential and ended up losing 11-16. We began the second day of the tournament with an even playing ground. We had to win against G2 eSports to stay in the tournament, but the French team played a strong game and we unfortunately dropped out of the competition with a clear 0-2.


In the next few weeks, everything in Fortnite will be revolving around qualifying for the World Cup, as Epic Games is pulling out all the stops with the prize money. 30 million US dollars will be distributed among the best players. The winner will receive a staggering 3 million dollars. But first, players have to make it through an extensive qualification. The good news: with the exception of Arcticon, who currently has no internet connection, all our players collected enough points to participate in the weekend tournament. Our most successful athlete was Snadr who made it to the number 73 spot with 44 points.

League of Legends

One of the last games of the Spring Split was on the agenda. We had to win against Bloodrain Academy to move up to the second division in our first season of the SINN League. With a score of 2-0 we managed to win the match and are happy about the promotion. Keep up the good work.

Rainbow Six | Siege

Up until now, we had been able to win all matches in the Saturday League by LG with a clear 7-0. With a one-week delay, our match against Buteo finally took place. The guys put up a good fight against our team resulting in a 6-6 draw. Either way, it was an exciting game, which we would have loved to win in the end. GGWP!

Image Source: HLTV

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