GamerLegion is back in Rainbow Six Siege!

We are excited to announce new talents, old faces and coaching staff changes with only one goal - Challenger League. The new season of Rainbow Six Siege has not started yet, but we needed to make changes. The last weeks weren't that successful, since we could not perform as good as we should have in recent qualifiers. This ultimately led to not reaching the Challenger League.

Murat "MrOfficer" Motevalli (Coach)
Alexander "nOose" Rennemann (Analyst)

Anton "namea" Bukin
Joni "Rotko4" Oikari
Igor „iqorex" Pawelec
Dennis "Haze" Steck
Romain "Undead" Kruczek

Our new coach had some words regarding our past and future:

"Im really excited to be working with GamerLegion for the upcoming period and towards a goal to reach CL. Im humble to have gotten this opportunity and will do the best out of it. Coming into a team who had a great coach like “Morxzas” will be big shoes to fill, but i believe that I will do great things with this new line up and im confident in the way we are going to work together. GamerLegion is stepping up with good staff members around us and this will help a lot along the way. Our first steps towards becoming the “next new thing” will be to go back to the roots. Meaning we will systematically be looking at the basics of the game and getting solid on that. After that, we will start to implant our “playstyle” into it. My biggest task will be to make sure this line up stays synergized and motivated. With that said, thank you so much to GamerLegion, my boys and the community who supports us, for giving us their trust, I promise to do my best! #GLWIN"

With the new lineup and coaching staff, we have a long journey ahead of us, but we are thrilled what our talents can do in the next months and how their hunger for success will drive them into new heights.

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