Prime League: Getting to the top of the lead

Our League of Legends team played some exciting matches this week in Prime League with tremendous success! After last week’s ups and downs, our team was eager to prove that they are one of the best teams of the league and gave everything to show it.

In our first game, we played against OP Innogy esports and after a few mistakes in the early game, we quickly turned the game, secured objectives and after a game-winning team fight even got baron. We ended the game after getting a few more kills and another drake. In almost 25 minutes, we won the first game of the week.

The second game of the week build up upon the success of the first one. This time, we played against Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition, who were the top of the league. In a quick 23 minute win, our League of Legends team was able to win against them with Christian ‘Phones’ Sieg getting a game-winning quadra kill on Quinn. He has shared a few words on their last game:

“I don’t think Jax is a good blind pick, therefore I was able to use that for my benefit and ‘Rabble’ countered ‘Agurin’ perfectly. Meanwhile, our Botlane was winning despite the losing match-up.”

Therefore, GamerLegion is now at the top of the league with a score of 6-1. We are very excited for what is to come for the next weeks and we can’t wait to play more matches and face more opponents!

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