Promotion! Our PUBG Team Delivered a First-Class Performance

We did it! Last week, we competed in the PEL Promo for the promotion into the highest European league: four teams facing relegation versus twelve hopeful candidates from the Contenders League. Our team also qualified itself with a constantly improving performance and should prove to be one of the big winners in the end.

Over the several weeks of the Contenders League season, things started off pretty badly for our team. The first day placed us last, and the second day was even worse. Although our newcomer Fexx fit well into the team from the beginning, there were still some coordination issues. But with every passing day, our guys got stronger and worked their way up the ranks with a consistently improving performance.

At the end of the Contenders League, we were in a comfortable third place and even got the opportunity to fight for one of the coveted top places. We earned it! But at this point, we were still considered to be underdogs, and no one really gave our performance the respect it deserved. It got us wondering why...

In the week of the PEL Promo, our team was highly motivated, determined and ready to prove themselves from the start. We were at the top of the ranking for the largest period of time. Each day, we consistently collected points, and there wasn’t the tiniest weakness to be sniffed out. Rotations were well considered, and our approach was always strategically superior. We have Velan, our new coach, to thank for all that. Thanks to his clear instructions and his calm demeanor, he supported the team seamlessly.

Then came the last day. We were in a good direction with 29 points ahead of fifth place, but not in the clear yet. All of us were nervous and unfortunately, that didn’t go unnoticed. The first three matches didn’t go well, leading to the first crisis talks. The other teams played surprisingly aggressive, and our team lacked proper coordination. Individual mistakes were made, but then came the 19th match, in which Team GamerLegion managed to win a solid 19 points and the desirable Chicken Dinner. The promotion could only be stopped theoretically.

In the end, we secured second place in the PEL Promo which resulted in our promotion to the PEL. Congratulations to Reciprocity, Besiktas Esports and Zoekt Een Naam.

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